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The recommendation for steps per day is 10,000. Do you get your 10,000 per day? Between commuting, working at our desks, and playing taxi to our kids, we rarely make time for ourselves, and even less time for movement throughout the day. It’s rare that we get in 10,000 steps. For Septemeber 4th-29th, we challenge you to make sure you get your STEPS.

Join Health Coach Shawna Brandenburg and Fitness Educator Jessica H. Maurer for a 4-week program focused on total wellness transformation! We are going to offer you 15 different at-home, inside walking/step video workouts.

  • 10-minute mile Interval Walk
  • 15-minute mile Power Walk
  • 17-minute mile Strong Walk

Mix and match to create your daily workout that will help you get in your steps! Do three back-to-back or spread out 5 over the length of your day. All of these workouts are low to mid impact, meaning there will be no jumping and there will always be 1 foot on the floor.

No, we are not just walking in place…

Workouts do not have to be high-impact or insanely intense to be beneficial. These workouts involve simple bodyweight movements that will help you get in your recommended steps, along with some strength, endurance, balance, and coordination training.

Wellness is not just about exercise. There are so many other components needed to ensure you achieving balance.  In addition to the 15 different workouts, the program includes a private facebook support group where we will focus on our weekly topics:

  • Time Management
  • Eating Habits
  • Positivity
  • Sleep

So are you ready to take our challenge? You don’t need any equipment, just a little space in your office or home, your two coaches, and your teammates (the other participants). Are you ready? Register today for only $39.99 and let’s get moving together!


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