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I am Jessica H. Maurer and this is where I post all of my recipes, fitness tips, information on fitness education events, and so much more.

I am a master trainer for BOSU, Hedstrom Fitness, Barre Above, Tabata GX, and Lebert Training Systems; I spend a lot of time on the road educating fitness professionals and you can check out my calendar here.

I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade. I post videos, workout ideas, and fitness tips that everyone can use on my blog!

LOK Fitness was started in 2016, and I am proud to be the co-creator of this company. We offer 3-hour educational workshops to make you a better fitness professional. Plus, we were awarded Innovative Program of the Year and Up-and-Coming Female Presenter from SCW Mania California 2016!

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My Newest Blogs

30 Days of Salad Pt. 2

I am not going to lie; the second week has been much harder in my challenge. Not because my salads were “boring”, but because I was hungry two hours after the salads. I quickly learned that I needed a bigger salad or more protein on the salad. I started upping the quantity this week, which […]

30 Days of Salad Pt. 1

I have been challenged to eating a salad for dinner for 30 days and sharing my “creations” here and on social media. No salad can be exactly replicated during the 30 days. Challenge accepted! This is going to be fun! Bring on the plants!! Want to join me? So the first week felt pretty normal. […]

Tabata Bootcamp Unlocked

I teach an instructor workshop and a live/online class called Tabata Bootcamp. Tabata. The word itself can strike fear into the heart of any exerciser. But let’s get some facts straight : Tabata is not an acronym or type of exercise. It is not a new category of interval training. It is a TYPE of […]

Salad Bar

The number one reason people go to a fast food restaurant is convenience. Their schedule prohibited them from cooking, or they were tired of hearing their family members argue over what they wanted for dinner. What’s quick and has enough options to please everyone? A drive-thru. BUT that’s not the only answer! Sometimes, planning dinner […]

Concealing Dark Circles

Originally posted on   My entire life I’ve dealt with horrible black circles under my eyes, which I now contribute to my autoimmune disorder. there has been plenty of times when people have asked me if I had been hit or if they were bruises. Nope. It’s just the way I am. There was […]

Ingredient Dump Saute

Do you have those nights where your fridge doesn’t contain a lot of ingredients in plentiful amounts, but rather a lot of ingredients in small amounts? Well, I am so glad it’s not just me! On these nights, I just call dinner the “ingredient dump saute”. I had a little bit of this, a little […]

Sarah Rogers : Successful Tabata Bootcamp Instructor

While marketing Tabata Bootcamp Instructor Trainings across the country, I am always asked about my success with the program. Sometimes, I get tired of talking about myself, sometimes. So when group fitness directors in Idaho were asking me about the success of Tabata Bootcamp, I decided I needed to feature Sarah Rogers’s success story, in addition […]

Marinated Baked Mushrooms

I don’t advocate everyone to become a plant-based eater. I recommend that people find a lifestyle that they enjoy and can manage on an every day basis. I encourage that people start replacing meat with plant-based options, but if you cut it out cold turkey, you are probably going to resent the process and return […]

4 fun cardio moves to do anywhere and anytime. While I show them with the bender ball, you can use a water bottle if you want. Check out the new blog at for more info, see these slowed down, learn why I don't think the gym is for everyone, and read why I do believe people may not have time to "workout". Want more moves like this? Join me in Asheville August 27th for Tabata GX instructor training. 6-hours. 6 CECs. At least 6 jokes. to register!
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How often do you use transverse lunges in your training session? We love this transverse lunge with thread the needle with the Surge®. #TrainerTip: focus on pressing back with your hips to maintain that neutral spine. ... See MoreSee Less

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Finalizing plans for the STEPS in September at-home program that begins Sept. 5th. In my research, I found I need more positivity reminders in my life. What do you do to stay stress-free, happy, and positive? Share with me. ... See MoreSee Less

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