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I am Jessica H. Maurer and this is where I post all of my recipes, fitness tips, information on fitness education events, and so much more.

I am a master trainer for BOSU, Hedstrom Fitness, Barre Above, Tabata GX, and Lebert Training Systems; I spend a lot of time on the road educating fitness professionals and you can check out my calendar here.

I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade. I post videos, workout ideas, and fitness tips that everyone can use on my blog!

LOK Fitness was started in 2016, and I am proud to be the co-creator of this company. We offer 3-hour educational workshops to make you a better fitness professional. Plus, we were awarded Innovative Program of the Year and Up-and-Coming Female Presenter from SCW Mania California 2016!

I also help people like you start your own fitness programs, blogs, websites, social communities, fitness companies, and much more. Need advice? Check out my services!

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My Newest Blogs

10 Questions with Dr. Jason Karp

Originally posted on the TDF Community Dr. Jason Karp is an internationally-recognized running and fitness expert and owner of Run-Fit. He is the 2011 IDEA National Personal Trainer of the Year and 2014 recipient of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Community Leadership award. A rare combination of education and experience, he holds three […]

Certifications, Accreditations, and Certificates, OH MY

Originally posted on Fitness professionals use terms like certification, accreditation, certificates, and training courses interchangeably and let’s face it, it can be very confusing! Whether you are new to the industry or have been a member for life, you should understand these terms, since they may affect your ability to get hired and grow […]

Sticky Situations

Originally posted on We have all had that dream. You know. You show up to teach your packed class and your music won’t play, your tennis shoes aren’t in your bag and you’re naked. So let’s talk about real horror stories and how to deal with them! 1.Your iPod, phone, or tablet died. You […]

Interview with Jenn Hall

Originally posted on MyGroupFit Jenn Hall is an international dance and fitness presenter who loves her job. In addition to creating the LTS LeBARRE program, she is the Director of Education and Programs for Lebert Fitness. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with her during the LTS Master Trainer Summit where I […]

How to Make Adequate Regressions for New Exercise Participants

While teaching group fitness classes, one of the most important things to be aware of is the safety need of your class participants. However, when teaching public classes, you often do not know the entire class’s limitations prior to creating your class. It’s vital for all group fitness instructors to have a few tricks up […]

Top 5 Common Fitness Mistakes

Mistake 1 Swings : During bicep curls, your arms should never swing behind you. You should lower slowly back to the start position, and not allow momentum to move the weights behind your hips. Fixes? 1. Bring the weights down so that the back of your hands touch your thighs. Each rep results in a […]

Social Media For Dummies

Social Media is an umbrella term for digital tools that let you share information with a network of others. With social media, you can blog, share videos and ideas, chat, argue, keep in touch, and so much more. Socially driven sites have removed barriers that once stood between businesses and potential customers. Out of the […]

4 fun cardio moves to do anywhere and anytime. While I show them with the bender ball, you can use a water bottle if you want. Check out the new blog at for more info, see these slowed down, learn why I don't think the gym is for everyone, and read why I do believe people may not have time to "workout". Want more moves like this? Join me in Asheville August 27th for Tabata GX instructor training. 6-hours. 6 CECs. At least 6 jokes. to register!
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How often do you use transverse lunges in your training session? We love this transverse lunge with thread the needle with the Surge®. #TrainerTip: focus on pressing back with your hips to maintain that neutral spine. ... See MoreSee Less

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Finalizing plans for the STEPS in September at-home program that begins Sept. 5th. In my research, I found I need more positivity reminders in my life. What do you do to stay stress-free, happy, and positive? Share with me. ... See MoreSee Less

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