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I am Jessica H. Maurer and this is where I post all of my recipes, fitness tips, information on fitness education events, and so much more.

I am a mother to a wonderful toddler, the kiddo, who happens to be a picky eater; I live with the kiddo, my husband, and two brother-in-laws, so I post recipes that everyone likes and fit my style of quick and easy cooking.

I am a master trainer for Lebert Training Systems, BOSU, Barre Above and Tabata Boot Camp; I spend a lot of time on the road educating fitness professionals and you can check out my calendar here.

I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade. I post videos, workout ideas, and fitness tips that everyone can use on my blog!

LOK Fitness was started in 2016, and I am proud to be the co-creator of this company. We offer 3-hour educational workshops to make you a better fitness professional. Plus, we were awarded Innovative Program of the Year from SCW Mania California 2016!

I also help people like you start your own fitness programs, blogs, websites, social communities, fitness companies, and much more. Need advice? Check out my services!

Questions? Please email me! I would love to answer all of your questions!

My Newest Blogs


Top 5 Mistakes When Creating Virtual Fitness Programs

For years now, I have been a huge advocate to coaching virtually and offering online programs. This isn’t just to create residual income, but because I believe you can positively influence a larger number of people by reaching them via the internet. I have had the privilege of creating numerous programs for other companies, fitness […]


Trainer Tuesday : Jennifer Lenzendorf

In the small town of West Bend, Wisconsin, there is a building that was built in the early 1970s. Originally it was built to accommodate an expanding lawn mower/snowmobile/motorcycle shop. Two decades later, it morphed into a successful real estate and construction business. Now, Jen Lenzendorf has remodeled the building to be the home of […]

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What’s Your Niche?

Let’s face it. As humans, we can’t do it all. There is no way to be perfect, knowledgeable, and practiced in every form of group exercise possible. Just as Olympic athletes, you must find your niche as a group fitness instructor. Now don’t freak out, I’m not saying you should be a one-trick pony. There is no […]

Meet FLOW from LOK Fitness. It's really quit simple: 4 motions moving to the beat of the music. Every move matters. If you don't stretch regularly, now is your chance to start!

FLOW instructors: any requests for next week's addition to the instructor portal?

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I have been having so much fun preparing for the fall symposium. I am introducing the Kamagon Fitness Ball from Hedstrom Fitness for the first time in Utah! Which means, I have been practicing a lot with the DVD from Kamagon and Keli Roberts however, the kiddo wanted to participate as well in my practice! It's pretty difficult to swing a ball full of water when you've got a little three-year-old running around you. (BTW if you register for the entire symposium, you get a free kamagon!!
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I am super excited about the fall symposium here in Salt Lake City. Not only will I be leading the Barre Above training on the 11th, but I will also be teaching all three @lok fitness Workshops and doing a lecture on fitness technology. Bonus for you=free Kamagon Ball to anyone who registers!! So join me, expand your knowledge, get ready for the new year, and learn some new tips!
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