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4 Plant Based Protein Recipes

In the Tabata Bootcamp Instructor Training, which is one of the trainings I leadĀ for fitness professionals, we talk about nutrition; I tell my “story” and explain why I am vegan/hegan (at home vegan)/80% plant based. I hate labels, can you tell? I choose to eat mainly plants because that is when I feel my best. […]


Stuffed Bell Peppers

Typically, I make large batches of a grain and a plant protein each weekend. This weekend, the hubby requested quinoa and I was craving red lentils; so that’s what we started to make around dinner time. However, we had not made it to the grocery store, so we hadĀ little produce at the house. In fact, […]


Green Tomato Salsa

My life has been absolutely crazy since my last post. I have been baking and cooking (obviously) but I haven’t really found anything that was worthy of sharing, until last night. My hubby has a huge garden where he grows tomatoes, zucchini, beans, kale, swiss chard, and a few failed items. This year, there was […]


The New Noodle

My hubby and I go on a lunch date once a week. It’s our time to reconnect, refocus, and try new restaurants, since we are wanna-be-foodies. A few months ago, we tried a new Korean place and found the Shirataki noodle. These are yam noodles that are delicious! They are not heavy, seem to go […]