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I teach instructor training courses and lectures on behalf of amazing fitness companies such as TDF, Lebert Training Systems, and Savvier.

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Program Developer

Interested in launching your own fitness program? I am here to help you brand your program, create your instructor training program, and launch your successful fitness business.

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Writing & Blog

I have the privilege of writing on behalf of many websites in addition to my own blog postings. In these writings, I cover everything from fitness to nutrition to being a mom.

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Overrated Supplements

Originally posted on the TDF Community 1.  Hoodia Gordonii, AKA “Hoodia” Is a plant indigenous to South Africa and American supplement companies want you to think it is has appetite-suppressive results. But, there are no peer-reviewed human trials to date on the effects of hoodia supplementation. All the hype surrounding it has not been proven. […]


Underrated Supplements

Originally posted on the TDF Community 1. Liquid Multivitamin : While there has been a lot of recent speculation on the importance of taking a multivitamin, I personally believe that a multivitamin is a great asset to one’s daily routine. Let’s face it: If we all ate perfectly 100% of the time, we would not […]


Top 5 Common Fitness Mistakes

Originally Posted on the TDF Community Mistake 1 Swings : During bicep curls, your arms should never swing behind you. You should lower slowly back to the start position, and not allow momentum to move the weights behind your hips. Fixes? 1. Bring the weights down so that the back of your hands touch your […]

Sleep Tips

We all have trouble sleeping from time to time. But you can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep every night with these simple steps. Cut caffeine. Simply put, caffeine can keep you awake. It can stay in your body longer than you might think – the effects of caffeine can take as […]