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The New Noodle

My hubby and I go on a lunch date once a week. It’s our time to reconnect, refocus, and try new restaurants, since we are wanna-be-foodies. A few months ago, we tried a new Korean place and found the Shirataki noodle. These are yam noodles that are delicious! They are not heavy, seem to go […]

LOK fitness FLOW 3.75in

Introducing FLOW

FLOW is the new 2-hour workshop from LOK Fitness that will be available for the rest of 2015 and 2016. This course focuses on the acronym FLOW, which is the word we use to describe the “vinyasa” of the class. In the past few years, I have taken yoga courses from various companies in order […]


Quinoa Cakes with Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes

Typically, I only post my baking experiments but after many request, I am going to start sharing some meal ideas as well. So here we go! Since I have such a picky eater, I always try to find ways to sneak in vegetables and wholesome foods into the meals my kiddo MAY eat. I love […]


Apple Raisin Bread

I am an apple snob. If I am going to eat an apple, it has to be super crunchy. Any chance of mush, anmd I am not touching it. Super apple At my house, we have accumulated many soft apples in my kitchen fruit basket. Mushy apples will not be eaten by myself, but I […]