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I am Jessica H. Maurer and this is where I post all of my recipes, fitness tips, information on fitness education events, and so much more.

I am a mother to a wonderful toddler, the kiddo, who happens to be a picky eater; I live with the kiddo, my husband, and two brother-in-laws, so I post recipes that everyone likes and fit my style of quick and easy cooking.

I am a master trainer for Lebert Training Systems, BOSU, and Tabata Boot Camp; I spend a lot of time on the road educating fitness professionals and you can check out my calendar here.

I have been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade. I post videos, workout ideas, and fitness tips that everyone can use!

I also help people like you start your own fitness programs, blogs, websites, social communities, fitness companies, and much more. Need advice? Check out my services!

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I teach instructor training courses and lectures on behalf of amazing fitness companies such as TDF, Lebert Training Systems, and Savvier.

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Interested in launching your own fitness program? I am here to help you brand your program, create your instructor training program, and launch your successful fitness business.

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I have the privilege of writing on behalf of many websites in addition to my own blog postings. In these writings, I cover everything from fitness to nutrition to being a mom.

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LeBOOT Trainings

While my passion is lebarre, the Lebert equalizers aren’t just for barre class. Oh no. Boot camp, circuit classes, agility training, strength training, and everything in between! Want to learn more? I am teaching 4-hour instructor courses using these amazing ‪#‎EQs‬ that will teach you hundreds of ways to use these! Join me in Decorah, […]



Do you take shots? No, not those kinds of shots. Healthy shots. Energizing shots. Good for you shots. I struggle with two disorders :  a blood disorder and an autoimmune disorder. Both have no “cures,” only treatments; And the treatments? Steroids, iron infusions, blood infusions, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory pills, which are all things I would […]


Three Compound Exercises with Figure 8 Tube

I love the figure 8 tube, also known as a figure 8 band (semantics). It’s light and compact enough to take anywhere; throw it in a suitcase, take 10 to class in your gym bag, or even ship to online personal training clients. Best part? They are insanely versatile. You can get an entire full […]


Energy Bars or Balls

There was a time in the kiddo’s life where he only ate LaraBars or Cliff Bars. It was a short time, but literally, it was all he would eat. So instead of hoarding boxes of bars, I started trying to make my own. There were many, many, many failed attempts. Pans that were disgusting, creations […]